With more than forty years of experience serving the nonprofit and higher education communities, FRCI is the oldest full-service consulting firm located in the Intermountain West.

FRCI consultants have served clients across a broad geographic area and in nearly every sector of the nonprofit community. They are frequent speakers and presenters at fund raising conferences and have been recognized by their peers for exemplary service to the nonprofit community.

FRCI consultants believe their job is to create value for clients in each consulting relationship. They also believe fund raising is a science, an art, and a business. The science of fund raising lies in planning and implementing specific and proven processes. The art of fund raising is in tailoring the process to meet the specific and unique needs of each organization. And the business of fund raising means that FRCI understands its clients’ programs are successful only when money is raised.

Executive Summary of Characteristics

FRCI believes it can offer significant value, as well as return on investment, to our clients by providing the highest quality of general nonprofit and fund raising consulting.

We believe we bring:

  • In-depth and intimate knowledge of nonprofit management and planning, campaign management, fund raising and philanthropy.
  • Expertise in Utah and the surrounding region.
  • Direct experience in development and campaign budgeting, planning, staff hiring and training, data management and prospect research.
  • Focus on ROI for our clients through the entire planning and implementation process.
  • Hands-on experience working with, and advising, nonprofit leaders as well as institutional volunteers and staff.
  • Relevant understanding in working with, and advising, institutional leaders and volunteers.
  • Emphasis in creating systems which lead to successful nonprofit management and fund raising efforts.
  • Demonstrated skill in focusing efforts toward major and ultimate gift outcomes.
  • Focus on cost efficiency and focus throughout a development or campaign effort.
  • Proven level of trust and confidence with donors, staff and volunteers.
  • Focus on the implementation and management of “best” and “ethical” nonprofit and fund raising practices.